Decentralised autonomous organisation for the Future of real world assets

Crowdfunding platform for real estate and governed by investors


Real Estate investment with a difference, frinctionless, secured, P2P transactions on blockchain

Maximize your total wealth

What is Fundi Finance?

A blockchain crowdfunding portal for real estate. Enjoy frictionless, secured p2p transactions and invest in real estate projects vetted by professionals. Fundi Finance team has over 25 years experience in real estate development and personally review each real estate project on the Fundi platform.
Fundi Finance is currently not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, please invest sensibly, never invest beyond your means, some investments are considered high risk and capital may be at risk and a loss can occur. Always research a fundraising project and read all material supplied including a projects whitepaper, prospectus and Fundi review. Make sure you understand the terms of investment both fully committing. Make use of the Fundi Finance help services on telegram.

Problems solved by Fundi Finance

Worlds first AMM for security tokens/ NFT's/digital and physical assets

Retail Investors across the globe can now be blockchain real estate TYCONS. Use the Fundi Finance NFT mini-bond system to lend money to real estate projects.
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Find a real estate project for you.


Chose your Mini bond contract.


Purchase an NFT mini Bond


Collect the premiums on the NFT maturity date.

The Fundi Finance portal directly connects investors to real estate developers via a p2p transaction.

Investors, please note for peace of mind and consumer protection that all Fundi Finance real estate projects are subject to the mandatory collateralisation of a real estate asset.

Key points of Fundi Finance

  • AMM Yield Farming
  • Total Transparency
  • Community Governance
  • Fractional Ownership
  • Synthetic Tokens
  • Open Voting & Open Treasury
  • Liquidity Pools
  • Lending And Borrowing
  • An Exchange For Digital Assets
  • Security Tokens

100% investor governed protocol


Collateral backed loans of digital and physical assets

Fundi Finance Tokens

FF Token

  • Fundi Token (FF), is Fundi Finances governance token. Its purpose will be to represent governing power within the protocol. This will be achieved by giving holders of FF token VOTING POWER on every decision and treasury action.
  • Supply: 80,000 (fixed!)
  • Utilization: Governance Token
  • KYC: No

CRA Token

  • Fundi Finance created CRA as a digital utility token. With Fundi protocol dealing in assets both digital and centralized finance a utility token was needed to achieve full liquidity. CRA token will be used as a digital bridge between projects and provide action in areas such as payments, fees, rewards, partnerships.
  • Starting Supply: 150.000.000 (not fixed)
  • Utilization: Digital Currency
  • KYC: No

FFST Token

  • FFST Token token (planned launch see roadmap) will give a passive income later in the protocol with rewards paid to holders and liquidity providers of FF token. Rewards will be generated from a clever tax system generated from use of Fundi Finances DeFi, CeFi and ReFi services.
  • Supply: 190,000 (fixed)
  • Utilization: Governance Token
  • KYC: Yes

Colleterial backed loans of digital and physical assets



  • Set proposals and vote to first venture project
  • IDO
  • Staking pools
  • Yearly report
  • NFT vaults
  • Start Dex Design


  • Increase DeFI Pools
  • Start building launchpad for ReFi
  • Increase marketing campaign for FFST
  • Create FFST token contract
  • Seed sale FFST token


  • Fractional ownership integration
  • Synthetic tokens integration
  • ISO for FFST
  • Launch FFST

Fundi Finance, your key to unlock liquidity from your equity. Tokenise your physical assets and make them work for you.

Audited by

RD Auditors

Launching on

Binance Smart Chain

Legally advised by

MG Law



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